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Wicker Park Choral Singers is a Chicago-based all-volunteer choir dedicated to building community through choral music. 

Deeper look into "The Cosmic Process"


For me, the science of our planet and universe has always had a spiritual and emotional side - not just dry facts and numbers but a powerful reminder of our humanity and the brief nature of our lifetimes. The study of the cosmos had a similar meaning for the ancient Greek philosopher Empedocles. He proposed a theory that all matter was made up of a mixture of fire, earth, water, and air bound together or pulled apart by the forces of Love and Strife, respectively. He also devised a moral and ethical system based on this theory. How should we treat fellow living beings made of the same matter as us? Is death truly final?

My new work "The Cosmic Process" is guided by his cosmology - forces are set against each other or act in harmony, dividing and combining to create rich sonorities. At the same time, it's infused with a certain mysticism, with space for reverberation and reflection. - Eric Malmquist





Translated from Ancient Greek - Text of "The Cosmic Process"