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Wicker Park Choral Singers

Building community through choral music

Wicker Park Choral Singers is a Chicago-based all-volunteer choir dedicated to building community through choral music. 

our mission is to build community through choral music

"Choral music is a perfect example that something can equal more than the sum of its parts. By working together, we can do amazing things. In a time of divided ideologies, global uncertainty, and in a place like Chicago where entire neighborhoods can be overcome by violence and hopelessness, what better antidote than choral music to bring people together and make them a bit happier?" 
- Mark Tomasino, Founder & Artistic Director

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We have performed in spaces throughout the Chicagoland area, including Chicago Cultural Center, Fourth Presbyterian Church on the Magnificent Mile, St. Vincent de Paul Church, outdoors in venues like Millennium Park, Wicker Park, and the Humboldt Park Boathouse.  We have even performed in unique spaces like Jackson Junge Art Gallery and among the plants at the Garfield Park Conservatory.  We have even gone over the airways as well, reaching millions of households through TV, Radio, and Internet. Our singers have performed on Chicago Fox Morning News, 98.7WFMT, WGN Holiday specials, and even the Oprah show. Throughout the year we do a number of outreach performances and hold interactive workshops that are open to the public no matter what singing skill level one may have.

Commission new works

We want the choral art form to continue to expand and explore new sounds that reflect what we are living today. Since our inception in 2008, we have given more than a dozen world or Midwest premieres to new choral works.

Eric Malmquist: Angelus (2008), On the Breakwater (2013), Cast Out of Iron (2014), Blemish'd Muse (2016)

Rob Redei: How little time we have: tweets from the ICU (2015)

Elizabeth LimClark Street Bridge (2013)

Edward F. Davis: Sir Loin the Noble (2011), Sanctus (2013)

Chicago singer community

As a choir we foster a culture of inclusion, co-operation, and fun. We aim to give our singers the best singing experience through musical excellence, operational excellence, and a strong sense of support and friendship with its members. We also aim to build a unified choral community in Chicago through collaboration and advocacy with other ensembles and organizations, with the goal of elevating Chicago's place on the global choral music stage. Ultimately, we want to make Chicago "The Singing City."