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Wicker Park Choral Singers

Building community through choral music

Wicker Park Choral Singers is a Chicago-based all-volunteer choir dedicated to building community through choral music. 

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March 22nd Rehearsal Plan

  • SISASK... as in all 5 movements. There are only 5 pitches, but don't let that stifle your preparation. Plenty of tricky rhythms and time signature traps.  Please know it well it enough to do at tempo.
  • Cosmic Process - we did not get this one tonight, so let's be ready to roll next week.
  • Leonardo - we have to keep building on to this epic adventure of a piece.  we are through m83.  Let's see if we can add the remainder of the piece.
  • Cells Planets - we will learn the beginning, clean up the middle sections, and experiment with our soloists. 
    • Tenors/Basses - I totally forgot there is a solo where one of you doubles with the Sop solo.  Please let me know if you are interested.